Advantages of vision inspection systems

Vision inspection systems

The vision inspection systems provide manufacturers with an efficient inspection process that reduces the risk of costly product recalls that can cause brand damage. The system uses six vision sensors and generates images of the entire label surface that cause minimal disruption to confirm the presence, integrity and legibility of alphanumeric label information and 1D and 2D printed codes.

  • Controlling the quality of your packaging

The implementation of a vision inspection system offers many advantages to the production process, especially in terms of efficiency. The ability of vision inspection to closely monitor all products means that manufacturers can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that no product will leave the facility unless it looks flawless. 

As such, this system acts as an additional layer of brand protection, helps minimize rework, mitigates the risk of certain product recalls, reduces product waste and improves overall process efficiency.

  • Minimize rework

Numerous product types pass through production lines throughout the day, requiring the execution of product changeovers, a task in which mistakes are easily made. The earlier these errors are detected, the easier it is to fix them: vision inspection systems can identify an incorrect label quickly and alert operators. 

This means that there will be fewer mislabeled products to reprocess, which in turn means that staff can focus on other tasks.

  • Reduce recalls

Although recalls are sometimes unavoidable, manufacturers have a vested interest in doing everything they can to mitigate the risk of recalls. Labeling errors account for a significant number of reasons for product recalls; installing a vision inspection solution can eliminate almost all chances of a product with a labeling error reaching the distribution network. 

By identifying and removing nonconforming packages from production facilities, error correction requires much less money and manpower.

  • Reduce waste

Timing is everything when it comes to detecting errors, and helps ensure that the correct package is used before valuable product is filled. Vision inspection systems can verify that the right container is used before filling, minimizing the chance of product waste. 

In addition, if labels are applied after filling, their contents can be verified before the labels are applied to the container itself, which also reduces the possibility of product waste.

  • Increase efficiency

Product quality monitoring provides significant insight into the production process. Manufacturers can better plan the maintenance of their production equipment by tracking trends such as defect type. 

Vision inspection equipment can also share valuable data with other production equipment on the line, and can even make adjustments to system settings on the fly to correct minor issues before they lead to a major problem.